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War Doesn't Stop for the Weekend: Trading Gold Beyond Normal Market Hours

In an era where geopolitical tensions frequently shake the financial markets, traditional safe-haven assets like gold and silver have once again proved their worth this past weekend. Amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East, we witnessed a significant spike in the demand for these precious metals, underscoring their enduring role in wealth preservation.

This weekend's events—marked by a sharp escalation between Iran and Israel—saw gold prices surge as investors sought stability. This incident highlighted a unique advantage of our Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens: unlike traditional markets, which are closed over the weekend, our ERC20 tokens are traded 24/7 on platforms like CoinSpot and MRHB DeFi Network. This accessibility allows investors to react immediately to weekend developments, a crucial benefit during sudden geopolitical events.

The 24/7 Advantage in a 24-Hour News Cycle

One of the stark realities of today's globalised world is that market-moving events don't stick to a schedule. Geopolitical incidents over this weekend drove a "squeeze" event, where the inability to act until traditional markets reopened on Monday could mean missed opportunities or heightened risks. Our tokens, by contrast, offer a continuous trading possibility, ensuring that you are not sidelined by the constrained hours of conventional exchanges.

For instance, while the broader markets were inert, trading activity for gold and silver tokens surged on the news of the Iran-Israel conflict. Investors utilised our tokens to manage their exposure to the unfolding risks, all in real time. 

As tensions flared and the news of Iran’s aggressive stance broke, traditional markets were unresponsive, locked in the inactivity of the weekend. Conversely, our digital tokens saw an influx of activity. Investors turned to AUS and AGS tokens to hedge against potential disruptions in oil supplies and the anticipated fluctuations in financial markets.

The immediate availability of gold and silver through our tokens during off-market hours reflects a pivotal shift in how savvy investors manage geopolitical risks.

Looking Forward

The ability to respond to international developments in real time is more than a convenience—it is a strategic advantage in today's fast-paced, interconnected world.

We encourage both seasoned and new investors to explore how our gold and silver-backed tokens can not only preserve but also enhance your wealth. With comprehensive transparency and the assurance of liquidity provided by round-the-clock trading, Gold Standard and Silver Standard tokens stand out as prudent choices for navigating the complexities of today's global economy.

Experience the Future of Precious Metals Investment with Gold Standard (AUS) & Silver Standard (AGS): 

  • Security and Trust: AUS and AGS are vaulted, insured, and allocated in Australia, with quarterly verifications for assured safety. They offer full redeemability.
  •  Reliability: Built by a seasoned 50-year-old bullion dealer, AUS and AGS provide reliable gold and silver token investments in Australia.
  •  B2B Integration: Designed for business applications, these digital bullion tokens facilitate seamless integration into a variety of business projects and partnerships.
  •  Innovative Investment: By blending the stability of traditional bullion with blockchain technology, AUS and AGS represent a forward-thinking choice for investors.

 Available on platforms like Ainslie Crypto, CoinSpot, and MRHB DeFi, AUS and AGS offers a solid foundation for your digital currency investments.

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