Digital tokens
fully backed by
Gold & Silver

The ultimate tokenised assets made possible by Ainslie Bullion, Australia's leading bullion & crypto dealer since 1974.

Or Over the Counter orders in person up to $10M.

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1 token equals 1 gram of bullion

Unrivalled efficiency with 0% Transaction fees.

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Zero storage fees at one of Australia's largest and most secure vaults.

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Stable, transparent and easily transferable.

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Redeem your gold and silver tokens for real metal, at any time.

Pickup or have delivered to you.

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For complete transparency, all mint and burn transactions with bar serial numbers together with total supply are publicly shown through our website.

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The real world use of Gold and Silver Standard

Whether you’re looking to minimise your exposure to Fiat Currency and all the risks it carries, or when you’re playing and staying in the blockchain Economy... The Gold and Silver Standard allows you to purchase a truly worldwide gold and silver based currency both online, and in store.

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