Gold & Silver Standard Tokens

The Gold & Silver Standard (AUS and AGS) are digital tokens backed by allocated gold and silver bullion already secured, insured and audited in a high-security Australian vault.

If you own AUS or AGS, you own the underlying physical metal, held in custody by the Gold Silver Standard Custodian (GSSC Pty Ltd).

$0.00 on transfers.

$0.00 for storage.

Low margins.

Buy or sell gold and silver 24/7. Available at:

gold and silver

Balance your wealth in an unbalanced world.


AUS and AGS tether to the price of gold and silver bullion, making them a worldwide inflation hedge currency. The Gold Silver Standard infrastructure makes AUS & AGS a cost-effective investment in gold and silver.


Using blockchain, all transactions are transparent and very efficient. Every AUS and AGS token is equivalent to a gram of real gold or silver. Every single bullion bar of real gold and silver is stored and audited in a world-class storage facility - Reserve Vault.


Move between other cryptocurrencies with ease. AUS and AGS are not securities, allowing unrestricted trade globally. Switch to AUS and AGS quickly and seamlessly to guarantee your portfolio’s safety when financial markets get overheated.


Part of what makes us so unique is the ease with which you can redeem your tokens for real gold or silver bullion. Redemptions are managed through Ainslie Wealth in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.

Digital Tokens vs Other Investments

Gold and Silver Standard outperforms its competitors, making it the ideal choice for investing in real gold and silver. They are fully redeemable for metal, independently audited, fully allocated with direct legal ownership, available to trade 24/7 and brought to you buy a nearly 50 year old bullion dealer, independent of government and financial institutions and domiciled in geopolitically safe Australia. Discover the key differences in the chart below.

Gold & Silver Standard

Physical Bullion

Exchange trade fund

CFD Broker Account

Perth Mint Account

Gold & Silver Standard


Fully Allocated direct legal ownership.

Bullion vaulted and Insured in Australia.


Independently audited.


Secure and transparent via DLT (Blockchain).

ERC-20 (Ethereum) DeFi ready.

Non-government or Financial institution.

Tradable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully redeemable for bullion.

Zero storage and transfer fees.

Deep liquidity and multiple trade outlets.

No minimum / maximum trade amounts.

Direct peer to peer transfer.

No ongoing fees.

Gold & Silver Standard Total Holdings

Gold and Silver Standard identifies every single transaction (mint and burn) that has occurred within the blockchain contract. If you’ve recently purchased or sold your AUS or AUG, you can search for this transaction below using the search tool here.

Gold & Silver Standard Docs

Learn more about Gold & Silver Standard in our docs.

Contract addresses

AUS Contract – 0x171f9cfc136f2b2aaa148fcc6b660a2029bab048



AGS Contract – 0x843c9af34f698618f90c898e3967278a260c8d9a