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Using Stablecoins To Protect Against Stagflation

During the last week, the unsettling echoes of the 1970s reverberated once more, presenting an acute reminder that the road to economic stability may indeed be fraught with inflationary bumps. With the Fed's preferred inflation gauge, the Core PCE Deflator, soaring to 4.2% and a barrage of economic indicators forecasting looming stagflation – a period characterised by high inflation and low growth – the scenery seems grim. Amidst this backdrop, the labour market's rapid downturn serves as an additional cause for alarm.


As we venture further into these troubling economic waters, we observe a nuanced divergence from the 1970s narrative that is yet to be extensively discussed: the stark contrast of prevailing wealth disparities. Unlike the all-encompassing wage-price spiral witnessed during that decade, contemporary economies are grappling with an intensified convergence of wealth gaps and skyrocketing living costs. This climate is fostering a burgeoning wage pressure primarily among the economically disadvantaged, a phenomenon typically witnessed in developing nations.


In response, we're witnessing a surge in fiscal stimulus measures designed to alleviate social welfare issues, inadvertently fuelling the inflationary fire. Even as developed economies slowly begin adopting similar policies, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new era, where governments face the inevitable - escalating expenditures coupled with dwindling revenues, spawning deficits that seem almost insurmountable.


But herein lies an opportunity, a beacon of hope, and a safe haven - a chance to not only preserve but potentially augment wealth through the judicious investment in precious metals, manifested in our pioneering Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens.


Traditionally, bonds have been perceived as a refuge in turbulent times. However, this notion shatters in an inflation-ridden environment, revealing bonds as fragile shelters that crumble under the weight of real losses, despite presenting an illusion of nominal gains. Contrastingly, commodities emerge as the stalwart protectors, offering robust real returns even amidst inflationary recessions.


As we stand at the cusp of what seems to be an impending recession marked by heightened inflation, it's time to redefine our investment paradigms. The financial tumult beckons a shift towards assets that not only promise survival but thrive beyond the downturn. Our gaze thus shifts towards the venerable commodities of gold, silver, and platinum. These precious metals serve as a lighthouse in the storm, embodying the following attributes:

  1. A strong correlation with commodities, ensuring stability and potential growth during volatile periods.
  2. Representing monetary assets that resonate with global liquidity trends, especially as central banks prepare to unleash a new wave of fiscal stimulus.
  3. Establishing themselves as the authentic safe haven assets, far removed from the perilous bonds that lie at the core of the ongoing economic conundrum.
  4. Bearing the badge of time-tested inflation hedges, promising to shield wealth from eroding forces.
  5. Proving their mettle across millennia, emerging victorious with each major credit cycle collapse and standing steadfast amidst civil unrest and upheavals.

As we navigate these tumultuous waters, the Gold and Silver Standard beckons you to embark on a journey of prudent investment. Regardless of the economic strata you belong to, the opportunity to not just safeguard, but flourish through the investment in AUS and AGS tokens, remains open. These tokens represent not just a gateway to wealth preservation but a beacon of financial resilience, promising a prosperous journey beyond the economic turmoil.


For seasoned and nascent investors alike, it's time to cast aside outdated investment norms and embrace a strategy that respects both real and nominal returns. 


AUS & AGS are available at reputable platforms such as Ainslie Crypto, CoinSpot, Metex, MRHB DeFi, and Bamboo. Embrace the future of stable and secure digital currencies and stay ahead in this ever-changing financial world.

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