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The Shift From USD to Gold

In the dynamic world of finance (and especially crypto), change is the only constant. Here at Gold & Silver Standard, we are not just participants, but keen observers of these transformative shifts. Today, we want to talk about a powerful, emerging trend - the shift from US Treasuries to Gold, and the consequential implications for the broader economy and specifically, the crypto ecosystem.

US Treasuries, owing to the US dollar's dominant position in global markets, have long been considered the pinnacle of safe-haven assets. This safe and dependable status has mirrored onto USD-backed stablecoins in the crypto economy, leading to their widespread popularity. However, with the escalating concerns surrounding the US debt situation, the future seems less certain.

The crux of the issue lies in the mounting national debt in the US, which has led to a decline in the availability of buyers for Treasury securities. Market observers are growing increasingly concerned about the longevity of the USD's value. With the responsibility of absorbing this debt no longer falling on the Fed and US banks, and foreign investors refraining from becoming net purchasers of US Treasuries, a potential crisis could be looming on the horizon.

An even more disconcerting prospect is the Federal Reserve stepping in as the last resort buyer of Treasury securities. This could have serious implications, including further devaluing the USD. As a result, the inherent value proposition of USD-backed stablecoins, which are tied directly to the value of the USD, is called into question. During periods of potential inflation and heightened economic uncertainty, these stablecoins may not provide the stability they claim to offer.

Conversely, our Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens, backed by physical gold and silver, offer a resilient and historically dependable alternative. Unlike the USD, gold and silver are finite resources that have stood the test of time, proving their value and stability over centuries. During uncertain economic times, they remain a preferred investment choice, which directly benefits the value of our AUS and AGS tokens.

Reaffirming this trust in gold, central banks have reversed their previous trend of selling gold and are now becoming net buyers. This seismic shift is a reflection of changing institutional investor preferences and signals a burgeoning opportunity for our AUS token.

Should the share of gold in foreign reserves return to its historical average of 40%, the implication for the gold market would be profound. An influx of approximately $3.2 trillion into the gold market would necessitate an adjustment in gold prices to accommodate this increased demand. This scenario could push the price of gold up to US$2,500 an ounce, a development that would be extremely beneficial for holders of our AUS token.

As we navigate these evolving financial waters, our AUS token, backed by gold, serves as a beacon of stability. It marries the age-old reliability of gold with the agility and future readiness of digital assets. This unique blend could position the AUS token not only as a preferred choice over USD-backed stablecoins but potentially as the go-to stable coin within the crypto economy.

This is not a narrative limited to the US alone. It's a global shift. This trend away from the reliance on debt-fuelled growth is accelerating around the world, as central banks recognise the limitations of such economic strategies. It also reinforces the need for an alternative stablecoin that can withstand potential economic storms while providing an inflation-resistant investment avenue.

Importantly, the robust performance of gold and silver against the backdrop of broader market volatility has further amplified the appeal of AUS and AGS. This trend is expected to continue as geopolitical tensions, the impact of climate change, and evolving global economic dynamics converge to create an uncertain investment landscape.

Moreover, the increasingly conscious investment environment, marked by ESG mandates, is pushing investors to reassess their strategies. This shift is discouraging the development of new resource projects, exacerbating the scarcity of precious metals. Consequently, the value proposition of gold and silver, and hence our AUS and AGS tokens, is set to become even stronger.

As we look ahead, Gold & Silver Standard remains committed to fostering a resilient and trusted crypto economy. We are dedicated to providing our token holders with an alternative that is not only stable but also steeped in the timeless reliability of precious metals. Our Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens represent a golden opportunity in this rapidly transforming digital age.

Join us as we navigate these promising new frontiers in finance. Make the Gold & Silver Standard part of your investment portfolio and become part of a community that prioritizes stability, security, and growth.


AUS & AGS are available at reputable platforms such as Ainslie Crypto, CoinSpot, Metex, MRHB DeFi, and Bamboo. Embrace the future of stable and secure digital currencies and stay ahead in this ever-changing financial world.

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