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The Shift From Opaque to Transparent Gold and Silver Ownership

Today, we're delving into the groundbreaking insights from the World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends report for the full year and Q4 of 2023. This comprehensive analysis revealed a historic year for gold, with demand soaring to 4,899 tonnes, despite it being the third consecutive year of net outflows from ETFs. Central banks, continuing their buying spree at an unprecedented pace, played a significant role in this surge. Moreover, the year ended on a high note with record gold prices, underscoring the precious metal's enduring appeal in uncertain times.


The report highlighted several key areas of interest for investors. Notably, the investment in gold ETFs dipped to a decade low, impacted by outflows and a slight dip in bar and coin demand. Yet, the spotlight was on central banks, which added over 1,000 tonnes to their reserves for the second successive year, underscoring their growing reliance on gold amidst global economic uncertainties.


Jewellery demand remained robust, defying the odds to register slight gains even as gold prices reached new heights. The technology sector, though experiencing a dip in demand, showed signs of recovery in Q4, promising a brighter outlook for 2024.

On the supply side, the year saw a 3% increase, driven by gains in mine production and recycling. This growth, while modest, played a crucial role in meeting the record demand.


For those of us at Gold & Silver Standard, these findings are more than just numbers. They represent a tangible shift in the way investors, central banks, and consumers view gold and silver as not just commodities, but as essential components of a diversified investment portfolio. Our gold and silver-backed ERC20 tokens, Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS), are designed to offer investors a secure, digital means to access these timeless assets, combining the reliability of precious metals with the efficiency of blockchain technology.


As the landscape of investment evolves, the insights from the World Gold Council's report reinforce our belief in the value of integrating traditional assets like gold and silver into the modern digital economy. Through our tokens, we're offering a bridge between these worlds, ensuring that the legacy of wealth preservation carried by gold and silver remains relevant and accessible in the digital age.


Experience the Future of Precious Metals Investment with Gold Standard (AUS) & Silver Standard (AGS):

  1. Security and Trust: AUS and AGS are vaulted, insured, and allocated in Australia, with quarterly verifications for assured safety. They offer full redeemability.
  2. Reliability: Built by a seasoned 50-year-old bullion dealer, AUS and AGS provide reliable gold and silver token investments in Australia.
  3. B2B Integration: Designed for business applications, these digital bullion tokens facilitate seamless integration into a variety of business projects and partnerships.
  4. Innovative Investment: By blending the stability of traditional bullion with blockchain technology, AUS and AGS represent a forward-thinking choice for investors.
  5. Available on platforms like Ainslie Crypto, CoinSpot, Metex, MRHB DeFi, and Bamboo, AUS and AGS offers a solid foundation for your digital currency investments.


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