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Steadying the Storm: AUS and AGS Tokens in a Volatile Banking Landscape

In the wake of recent bank bailouts, or "non-bailouts," the focus of central banks worldwide seems to be more on maintaining a fa├žade of stability rather than ensuring the long-term economic well-being of their nations. Amid such uncertainty, investors may find solace in the Gold & Silver Standard Tokens (AUS and AGS), digital tokens backed by allocated gold and silver bullion securely stored in an Australian vault.

AUS and AGS tokens offer a stable alternative to traditional banking, with no fees on transfers or storage and low margins on buying and selling gold and silver 24/7. As banks like Credit Suisse and UBS continue to be propped up by government funds, the appeal of the Gold & Silver Standard becomes increasingly apparent.

The highly anticipated "In Gold We Trust" report of 2023 provides valuable insights into the current economic landscape, showcasing various charts and data that highlight the ongoing struggle between inflation and economic stability. The report suggests a possible recession on the horizon, with US mortgage rates up 100%, manufacturing and services PMI plummeting, and other economic metrics pointing towards a downturn.

Despite these headwinds, gold and silver continue to perform admirably. Central banks are buying gold at a rapid pace, demonstrating the value of stable assets like AUS and AGS tokens in times of uncertainty. Furthermore, the Gold:Silver Ratio currently stands at around 86, significantly higher than the long-term mean of around 30, indicating potential growth for silver.

As we head towards a potential recession and the inevitable equities correction that accompanies it, gold and silver's relative performance becomes increasingly important. The US economy's future appears to be burdened by ever-growing debt, with the government's own projections showing deeper deficits and no orderly exit in sight.

The "In Gold We Trust" report also highlights the impressive cup & handle technical formation for gold, suggesting an explosive upside if the current trend holds. Their "scientific" crystal ball predicts a bright future for gold by the end of the century.

In times of market confusion and volatility, it is crucial to look past the words of central banks and observe their actions. The Gold & Silver Standard (AUS and AGS) tokens offer a transparent and stable alternative for those seeking refuge from the uncertainty surrounding traditional banking systems and the increasingly precarious economic landscape.

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