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Digital Alternatives as PMGT and GoldPass Bow Out

In this ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the recent discontinuation of the PMGT by the Singaporean-based technology company Trovio, coupled with the discontinuation of the GoldPass app, have resulted in a whirlwind of curiosity and uncertainty. Perth Mint, an institution steeped in history and respect, might be experiencing a transition back to basics, but this unexpected turn has opened a door for savvy investors to explore other precious metals backed digital offerings.

Enter our Gold & Silver Standard (AUS and AGS) tokens - not a new breed, but the proven leaders in the realm of digital gold and silver assets since 2019. With AUS and AGS, we've already been revolutionising how investments in precious metals are perceived and managed. As a holder of our AUS and AGS tokens, you're not merely investing in a digital asset - you're investing in the tangible value of the physical metal itself. Safeguarded, insured, and audited, your investment is nestled securely in a high-security Australian vault, under the vigilant oversight of an independent assurance firm – you can read their latest report here.

The Gold & Silver Standard isn't just another alternative; it's a step towards a brighter and more reliable digital future. Let's delve into their unique features:

Stability: AUS and AGS tokens are not just tethered, but inextricably bound, to the price of gold and silver bullion. They serve as a global life raft in the turbulent seas of inflation, ensuring your investment retains its value no matter the economic climate. Through this ingenious structure, AUS & AGS tokens transform into a cost-effective, reliable investment in gold and silver.

Transparency: The Gold & Silver Standard doesn't believe in smoke and mirrors. Instead, it trusts in the power of blockchain technology, delivering unparalleled transparency in all transactions. Each AUS and AGS token owns a gram of real gold or silver. The corresponding bullion bar is safely tucked away in Reserve Vault, a world-class storage facility where every bar's existence is verified and documented through our Proof of Reserve. You can view records of these individual bars here.



Transference: AUS and AGS tokens aren't just shiny digital assets. They are nimble, agile, and ready to move between other cryptocurrencies with ease. Not being securities, they enjoy unrestricted global trade, offering a rapid retreat to investors when the temperature in the financial markets starts to rise. You can buy and sell AUS and AGS tokens on CoinSpot, Ainslie Crypto, Metex, MRHB DeFi and Bamboo.

Redeemability: The cherry on top of the Gold & Silver Standard offering is the ease with which you can trade your tokens for actual gold or silver bullion. This isn't just an abstract concept; it's a tangible reality facilitated through Ainslie Crypto in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.

Zero Storage Fees: Unlike traditional gold and silver investments, which often come with costly storage and insurance fees, investing in our AUS and AGS tokens means never having to worry about these additional costs. Your physical gold and silver is securely stored and insured in a high-security Australian vault, and it's all covered in your investment. No hidden fees, no sudden charges - just the peace of mind that your investment is safe, secure, and fully accounted for.

Superior Pricing: But the real crown jewel in our offerings is our competitive pricing. By operating at incredibly low margins, we ensure that you're getting the best possible price for your gold and silver investments. We believe that everyone should have access to these timeless assets, and our commitment to keeping costs low means you can start investing, regardless of the size of your portfolio. That means smaller investors get the same ‘big bar’ rate that larger investors usually only enjoy because we use ‘big bars’ to back the tokens and pass on that saving to all.

As we observe the end of PMGT and GoldPass, it's crucial to remember that we at Gold & Silver Standard, with our AUS and AGS tokens, have already been leading the charge in the realm of gold-backed digital assets. PMGT and GoldPass used opaque unallocated gold holdings.  Gold & Silver Standard use fully allocated bullion right down to individual serial numbers listed on the blockchain and our Proof of Reserve. We're not just stepping into a gap left behind; we've been at the forefront, setting the pace in the vast landscape of digital precious metals. With an unmatched market volume and as the first to market, we're not carving a new path - we're expanding and enhancing the trail we've already blazed.

The Gold & Silver Standard tokens offer a unique blend of the old and the new – the time-tested value of gold and silver and the innovative utility and ease of blockchain technology. It's a potent mix that can give investors the best of both worlds: the stability of precious metals and the flexibility of digital assets.

But what does this mean for you as an investor? Imagine having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that behind your digital tokens, there's real gold or silver. Picture the ease of switching between cryptocurrencies, secure in the knowledge that your AUS and AGS tokens aren't going to be held up by the red tape that can restrict other securities.

Think of the thrill of holding real gold or silver bullion in your hand, redeemed effortlessly through Ainslie. These are not mere theoretical concepts, but tangible benefits you can enjoy when you choose to invest in Gold & Silver Standard tokens.

As Perth Mint steps back from the digital limelight, our Gold & Silver Standard tokens continue to strengthen their standing as the leading choice for digital gold and silver investments.


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