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Central Bank Gold Buys and Liquidity Tides – Using Digital Gold and Silver

Despite recent surges in gold prices, which have seen a remarkable 7% increase reaching new record highs, market experts are left pondering the factors driving this momentum. 

Typically influenced by U.S. interest rate projections, central bank acquisitions, safe-haven demand in turbulent geopolitical climates, and China's investment patterns, gold's value trajectory seems to have diverged from these known parameters. Nicky Shiels from MKS PAMP expresses the sentiment well: "What took it from U.S. $2,000 [last month] to above US$2,150 is the head-scratching part." 

The spike in prices coincides with anticipatory investor behaviours around U.S. interest rate adjustments. Yet, the significant shift in treasury yields and dollar values don't fully account for gold's ascent, leading some to speculate on anonymous large-scale purchases as a potential catalyst. Meanwhile, outflows from gold-backed ETFs contrast with recent Bitcoin ETF inflows, presenting a peculiar anomaly in market dynamics. 

Commodities analysts like Suki Cooper from Standard Chartered acknowledge the absence of new drivers, yet the Commodity Futures Trading Commission reports an uptick in gold futures and net long positions, suggesting a reinvigorated market interest. 

Amidst this enigmatic rally, Ainslie Research points to global liquidity as the underlying force—a perspective often overshadowed by a narrow focus on the Federal Reserve's actions. The early stages of expansion cycles, central bank purchases, and geopolitical events align with gold and silver's recent behaviours, foreshadowing potentially greater gains. 

This week we saw silver's volatility increase with a notable 3% leap. Historically, silver may trail behind gold but typically surges ahead with significant returns. Currently, with the Gold:Silver Ratio at elevated levels, a corrective mean reversion could be imminent, suggesting that current price points may offer a fleeting opportunity for strategic investment. 

As ETFs continue to disengage, the allure of gold and silver remains robust, driven by fundamentals that may soon catalyse a return of mainstream investment. For those looking to diversify with digital tokens backed by actual precious metals, Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens present an appealing, modern investment pathway. 

As we continue to witness unprecedented activity in the precious metals market, our tokens stand as digital embodiments of these fundamental assets, designed to marry the security of gold and silver with the convenience and innovation of the digital age. This combination may just provide the wealth preservation solutions that investors have been seeking as we navigate through the evolving economic epoch. 

Understanding the allure of gold and silver as enduring vehicles for wealth preservation, our approach at the Gold & Silver Standard is to provide these timeless assets through the ERC20 blockchain technology, catering to a global audience and especially appealing to traditional investors seeking reliable investment conduits. This innovative method allows for the seamless integration of precious metals into diversified portfolios, aligning the permanence of physical assets with the agility of digital transactions.


Experience the Future of Precious Metals Investment with Gold Standard (AUS) & Silver Standard (AGS): 

  • Security and Trust: AUS and AGS are vaulted, insured, and allocated in Australia, with quarterly verifications for assured safety. They offer full redeemability.
  • Reliability: Built by a seasoned 50-year-old bullion dealer, AUS and AGS provide reliable gold and silver token investments in Australia.
  • B2B Integration: Designed for business applications, these digital bullion tokens facilitate seamless integration into a variety of business projects and partnerships.
  • Innovative Investment: By blending the stability of traditional bullion with blockchain technology, AUS and AGS represent a forward-thinking choice for investors.

 Available on platforms like Ainslie Crypto, CoinSpot, and MRHB DeFi, AUS and AGS offers a solid foundation for your digital currency investments.

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