All transactions and fees are transparent and efficient.

Using blockchain, there are no transaction fees. Every Gold and Silver Standard token is equivalent to real gold and silver. And every single piece of real gold and silver is stored in the Reserve Vault, one of the most secure facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Transparency is the key to blockchains ultimate goal. Peer to peer transactions with complete transparency completely removes the need for banks to control currency movements into the future. And with THE GOLD AND SILVER STANDARD, you’re confident that the your transaction is sent through with very low fees and almost instantly. When using THE GOLD AND SILVER STANDARD as an investment tool, you can see your exact transaction measured on the blockchain, unlike traditional unallocated gold and silver which is generally held with a simple paper promise from your purchasing authority.

Consider complete transparency when purchasing gold and silver, choose THE GOLD AND SILVER STANDARD.

You can view transaction data and total holdings by clicking here.