Silver Standard

We’ve matched 1 AGS token to 1 Gram of pure silver bullion.

The silver standard is now ready for purchase in a world of inflating/deflating and volatile currencies while also giving you access to one of the most efficient methods to buy silver anywhere in the world.

Here are some great reasons to consider the Silver Standard

  • You may be a crypto trader looking for an asset backed digital currency, stablecoin or safe haven to park profits.
  • Nearly all ‘gold backed’ crypto offers on the market have you dealing with a start-up inexperienced with bullion, based in a ‘regulation light’ jurisdiction or employing a confusing and indirect dual coin model removing your ability to deal with confidence directly on an exchange for the asset backed token. Many are still raising money to actually buy the gold. Silver Standard represents the opposite of every element of those shortcomings.
  • You may be a gold and silver investor wanting to trade more actively and feeling constrained by storage, delivery and spreads on physical bullion. Gold and Silver Standard does not incur any transaction fees no matter how long you hold.
  • Or
  • You may be someone looking to seek the shelter of gold or silver against currency fluctuations, inflation, or economic and geopolitical turmoil without taking physical possession of bullion, or the opaqueness and uncertainties of ETFs or futures contracts. In summary, a currency of this calibre means many things to different people - but ultimately this is the new way to buy and sell Gold and Silver. Whatever country you’re in, the Gold and Silver Standard are there for you - right now in geopolitically safe, high reg environment Australia.

If you’re ready to purchase the Gold or Silver Standard please click through to our preferred exchanges. If you’re interested in purchasing over the counter with a real person or for direct, high value trades, please make contact via our website or join our Telegram community.


Traditionally when one mentions investing in precious metals gold is usually the first thing people think of. But let's look at 2 key reasons as to why silver could be an even better investment.


The Gold-Silver Ratio (GSR) is calculated by dividing the price of gold by the price of silver. It measures how many silver ounces you can buy with one ounce of gold. The gold vs silver ratio is a very popular tool to compare the performance between gold and silver.

Whilst broadly the two metals’ prices follow each other the extent to which they do varies, hence that changing ratio. Over the last century the average GSR has been around 45:1. The last low we saw was in 2011 when silver hit $50/oz and the GSR was 32:1. At the time of writing it was at an historically high 85:1. The chart below illustrates that each time it hits 80 there has been a reversion which sees both gold and silver prices rise. Indeed if you forget all other influences and look coldly at maths, reversion of the mean from a high sees silver outperform gold. That gold takes off too just adds to the effect.

It is worth considering that 85:1 ratio against the following for context:

  • Geologists have determined that there is 17 times the amount of silver in the earth as there is gold;
  • A 2012 study determined approximately 748,000 t of silver is currently in existence above ground. Of this however, 532,500 t is in jewellery and silverware and 93,000 t is ‘industrially recoverable at a high enough price’. That leaves only 79,000 t in coins and 43,500 t in bars and rounds. Consider that the total 748,000 t is only 4.5 times the amount of gold (166,000t) above ground;
  • The current extraction rate of gold to silver is only 1:9 and whilst most gold remains available forever, silver’s heavy industrial use sees much of it ‘disappear’. In fact the US Geological Survey predicts at current consumption and extraction rates silver would become extinct within 7 years.

This gives many investors reason to believe that a marked correction to the downside of the gold-silver ratio must occur sometime soon. In this century, since the Federal Reserve was created, there has been three occasions when the gold-silver ratio has been below 17 – 1919, 1968, and 1980. The gold-silver ratio is just one factor that you should look at.

If the ratio returns to16:1 that implies a 530% gain in the silver price off the current 85:1 levels. In dollar terms, 20c becomes $1.05/oz whilst assuming the gold price doesn’t even move which as you can see from the chart above, it normally does.


Unlike gold, around half of all the silver produced is used in industry. That means it effectively wears ‘2 hats’ – investment and jewellery precious metal, and industrial metal. Each has different economic drivers and hence broadens the catalysts for the silver price.

Of all the elements, silver is the indispensable metal. It is the most electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and reflective. It also has unique anti-bacterial or biocide properties. Some of its hundreds of applications include: Batteries, biocides, catalysts, electrical conductors, electroplating, jewellery, medical applications, mirror reflective coatings, photography, silverware, solar energy cells, soldering and water purification.

Whilst the whole world is moving more to sustainable solar power, significantly the 2 most populous countries, China and India are on a massive state dictated push toward solar power. In 2016 alone silver PV use increased an incredible 43% over 2015 to 2400 tonne. The chart below shows this is just the beginning.

All of this is going to require more physical silver. Have another read through that list of uses above. The reality is most of those uses are disposed of after use so the silver isn’t even readily recovered, its gone.

Like gold, silver supply looks to have peaked with fewer new discoveries, existing deposits harder to mine, and yields dropping. When combined with that growing demand the Economics 101 Supply and Demand equation starts to looks very appealing.


Our asset backed digital currencies tether the price of gold and silver bullion. That may present a stablecoin safe haven for crypto investors, an inflation hedge worldwide currency, or a cost effective investment in gold and silver. They combine the high security of vaulted metals and blockchain technology to safeguard your investment.


Using blockchain, there are no transaction fees. Every Gold and Silver Standard token is equivalent to a gram of real gold and silver. Every single bullion bar of real gold and silver is stored in the Reserve Vault, one of the most secure facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.


Move between other crypto currencies with ease, giving you access to the most exciting currency innovation of this generation. You can also exchange or redeem our digital currency for real gold and silver bullion. Alternatively buy with or cash out for AUD with Ainslie Wealth or participating Fiat pairing exchanges.


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