Methods of purchase

There Are Three Distinct Methods When Purchasing Gold Or Silver Standard Tokens, On A Centralised Exchange, Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Or ‘Over The Counter’ (OTC).

Centralised Exchanges

Coinspot – Australia’s largest simple and direct swap exchange

METEX – open order book exchange with USDT and BTC pairs for both tokens

Bamboo – micro investing and bank account ‘round up’ through a beautifully easy app

Elbaite – peer to peer trading with a trusted escrow account intermediary

  • Trade tokens with either major crypto pairs or money any time.
  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • We help manage liquidity to ensure there’s a market buying or selling.

A centralised exchange allows both the trade of many crypto pairs and also against fiat currencies (such as AUD or USD). They generally have deeper liquidity and an easier interface and have full KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations requiring you to verify your ID and set up an account. We help manage that liquidity depth both ways and for really large trades that potentially move the market against you, you can always trade OTC per below without doing so.

Once you’ve completed the exchange verification process you’ll be able to upload your local fiat currency or crypto currency into the exchange and then purchase the Gold or Silver Standard with these funds.

The initial setup process with the exchange can take a period of time (sometimes up to a week). Once you’re verified you’re good to go! You’ll be able to buy and sell as you wish.

Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Value DeFi

Gold Standard - bAUS Contract -

Silver Standard - bAGS Contract -

  • Exchange tokens directly without using Fiat money.
  • Enjoy anonymity and security by maintaining full control of your wallet.
  • We help manage liquidity to ensure there’s a market buying or selling.
  • Become a Liquidity Provider and enjoy earning a yield on your holdings.

A decentralised exchange deals only in compliant tokens (ERC20 (Ethereum network) or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) etc) and does not deal in fiat currency (eg AUD or USD) at all. Decentralised exchanges facilitate exchanges of tokens peer to peer without a human hand involved. In essence this is a trustless transaction as crypto was actually designed to do, all through smart contracts and wallets that only you have the private key to.

A common downside of decentralised exchanges is low liquidity however we have the ability to manage that and if your trade is quite large you can simply deal directly with our OTC option below without fear of ‘moving’ the market with your large trade and being penalised.

By becoming a Liquidity Provider you have the opportunity to be rewarded by DeFi provided by being an Automated Market Maker (AMM) usually in the order of 0.3%. In addition there are often incentive programs through the likes of OpenDAO where additional rewards are earned through participating in the Liquidity Pool (often referred to as Farming).

Over the Counter (OTC)

  • Deal with a person and lock your price and then pay.
  • No deal too big.
  • Flexible payment options.

For a full explanation go to our OTC page here.

With OTC you deal with humans (though you can order online) at Ainslie Wealth. This means you can lock in a price and then pay for your purchase or receive funds to your bank account or as cash on a sale. You can do all of this by either visiting Ainslie Wealth’s CBD office in Brisbane, phoning Ainslie Wealth or placing an order on their webshop.

You can pay or be paid in cash, bank transfer, bullion, or other major cryptos.

By dealing with our sister company Ainslie Wealth, there is effectively no limit to the size of your purchase as they simply buy that much metal, deposit it in Reserve Vault, mint the tokens and deposit those in your wallet. That is all off-market and therefore doesn’t move the market unduly. Likewise, they can facilitate large buy backs as well.

You can find Ainslie Wealth at:

There are Terms & Conditions with OTC and you should read our broader explanation in our Gold Terms and our Silver Terms.

Whichever your preferred purchasing method, Gold and Silver Standard still hold the same inherent value which is 100% backed by gold and silver. If you’d like to talk to someone to discuss which purchasing method would suit you better, please contact us via our contact page.