Over The Counter

Purchase in person, at our office.

The gold and silver standard can be purchased within ainslie wealth's real office space in Brisbane & Melbourne, australia, over the phone or via their webshop.

Over the Counter purchasing (OTC) comes with a few benefits, namely you can:

  • Discuss the purchase and deal with a real person.
  • Have no upper limit in the total transaction amount.
  • Lock in a price and THEN pay.
  • Multiple methods of payment, with no need to be registered within an exchange or waiting for your deposit to arrive onto that exchange whilst the price moves.
  • Open a cold storage account where we look after your wallet.
  • Enjoy discounted car parking during your stay in our office.

OTC does come with some terms and conditions. Please read these before making your purchase.


Purchase online or over the phone

OTC does come with some Terms and conditions - Please read these OTC terms and conditions before making your purchase. Read our gold terms, silver terms and Ainslie Wealth’s full Terms here but below are some key terms for OTC trades:

  • Live price ‘lock and pay’ is only available during Ainslie Wealth business hours – 9am to 4pm AEST (Brisbane UTC+10hrs) weekdays and excluding public holidays.
  • Web orders made outside of these hours will be repriced as at the published price at 8.30am the next business day.
  • Customers purchasing over the phone or web will need to verify their ID before the purchase is made. https://www.ainsliewealth.com.au/buycrypto/idverification.aspx. Customers coming into the store will need to provide a primary ID.
  • Depending on market liquidity, very high value OTC trades may see new tokens minted directly for you so as not to force the price up on your trade. That requires new bullion to be deposited beforehand and so there may be a small wait for delivery of the tokens, but you will have price certainty.
  • A credit card deposit will be taken and payments must be instigated on the same day as the purchase.
  • Minimum transactions sizes apply to OTC purchases and buybacks of $2,000 in store or $5,000 for web orders.
  • There is no maximum for in store or phone purchases and the webshop will allow up to $50,000. Should you wish to order more than $50,000 electronically, email Ainslie Wealth at info@ainsliewealth.com.au with your request.

Who is Ainslie Wealth?

Ainslie Wealth is our sister company and part of the 45 year old Ainslie group. Ainslie Wealth offers OTC crypto and bullion purchases and sales. Trades can be done in store, over the phone, or via their webshop. Ainslie Wealth buy and sell bullion for and with a range of crypto currencies (including Gold and Silver Standard) or AUD. Ainslie Wealth offer their completely cold Ainslie Crypto Wallet for free with any purchase or can send to a nominated address.

Ainslie Wealth also offer cold storage accounts. Crypto storage accounts use ‘paper’ wallets produced off line and stored safely in Reserve Vault before they are loaded. This means there is no risk of hacking as they are completely cold, and stored securely in one of the safest, independently owned vaults in the world, in geopolitically safe Australia. Storage accounts are perfect for remote customers or those wanting an experienced custodian to look after it all for them.