13 Jan Upgrade

On 13 January 2021 we made improvements to our AUS and AGS token contracts. This will bring the following benefits to all new and existing tokens holders:

  • Removing the transfer fee code entirely. This not only removes the cost burden to users but also greatly simplifies the contract, ensuring it works efficiently in a swap pool, decentralised finance platform or similar.
  • Upgrading the contract to Solidity version 6 to ensure the ongoing robustness of the contract, particularly as it interacts with Ethereum 2.
  • General code improvements to reduce complexity and increase efficiency and hence reduction in Ethereum Gas fees.
  • We also changed the legal structure to provide more direct ownership of the metal backing each token.

If you were an existing holder there is no extra work for you to do as a result of the upgrade. The new and improved tokens will already be sitting in your wallet. The only thing to keep in mind is that your wallet will also continue to contain the old tokens. It’s important to ensure that you do not get confused between the new and old tokens – you can do this by double checking the contract address.

For example, here’s what a typical wallet will look like on etherscan.io:

Note how there are two different Gold Standard tokens on the wallet – old and new. The way to differentiate between old and new is by checking the contract of the token by clicking “Erc20 Tokens Txns” (1) and then on the “Token” (2) on the right.

This will bring you to the below page where you can double check the contract address is correct.

THE NEW GOLD STANDARD (AUS) CONTRACT IS 0x171f9cfc136f2b2aaa148fcc6b660a2029bab048

THE NEW SILVER STANDARD (AGS) CONTRACT IS 0x843c9af34f698618f90c898e3967278a260c8d9a

If the contract is any different, they are not the valid tokens.

So in summary,

  • If you have AUS and AGS tokens on a paper wallet, you don’t have to do anything. When the time comes and you want to trade with Ainslie, we will make sure we take the new token from your wallet.
  • If you have AUS and AGS tokens on an exchange, you don’t have to do anything – when withdrawing from the exchange, you will receive the new tokens to your wallet automatically (the exchanges are now using the upgraded contracts).
  • If you have AUS and AGS tokens on your own external wallet, you will have both the new and old tokens. This is not an issue, but you may send the old tokens to our address if you wish to clean up your wallet to make sure you don’t get confused between the two in future.

If you wish to clean up your wallet so that you only have the new valid tokens, you can send your old tokens to:


This is a wallet we have access to which allows us to send back your tokens in case you accidentally make a mistake. When sending to this wallet, you can make sure you’re sending the old tokens by double checking the transfer is not via the new contract.

Here’s an example of how to send the old tokens on myetherwallet:

1. Double check you’re sending it to our wallet


2. Ensure that the tokens are not being sent via the new contract


Notice that this is not the valid contract


 3. Confirm and Send

*The process is the same for Gold and Silver Standard tokens.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to all the opportunities the upgraded tokens provide. Remember we are always happy to provide additional assistance if required, and you can get in contact by any of the usual methods.