How it works

How to Buy Online

The Gold and Silver Standard can be purchased online with ease. Just visit and complete your purchase there.

How to buy Over the Counter (OTC)

The Gold and Silver Standard can also be purchased over the counter. Please visit our OTC page to learn more about OTC.

Both Gold and Silver Standard are each ERC20 (Ethereum network) tokens. Each token represents 1g of either gold or silver to 4 decimal places. i.e. 1.0000 AUS = 1g gold

For information on redeeming tokens, click here.

A leading Australian law firm has deemed that these tokens are not considered a security and therefore can be freely traded on any exchange.

All the metal is held by a clean entity, Gold Silver Standard Custodian (GSSC Pty Ltd) free of any liabilities other than the tokens on issue.

A secure but publicly viewable database maintains a record of:

  • All bullion bars secured
  • Each bar’s serial number
  • The transaction ID (TXID) for when the tokens for that bar were minted – bar entered
  • The transaction ID (TXID) for when the tokens for that bar were burned – bar removed

A portal (via Etherscan) to the contract address allows anyone to view the number of tokens on issue. Therefore at any time, anyone can interrogate the system to see that # tokens = # grams metal.

This is verified quarterly by an independent global assurance firm. See here for more details.


Upon metal being secured the bars (weight, brand, serial number) are entered into the database.

The minting software reads that database and mints the new tokens corresponding to that metal added and updates the database with the TXID for each bar.

Ainslie Wealth then distribute those tokens to exchanges on market demand or directly to OTC customers.


Upon a token holder redeeming their tokens, Ainslie Wealth will burn those tokens through the burning software, which sends them to the burn address (forever gone) and updates the database with the bars removed and TXID for the burned tokens.

The bars are removed from Reserve Vault and handed over via Ainslie Wealth.

This whole structure and the terms of use are set out clearly in the Token Holder Agreement which you can find our gold terms and silver terms.