Gold Silver Standard Digital Bullion

  • The most efficient way of buying gold & silver while remaining decentralised.

  • High volume, low fees.

  • Unintrusive deep liquidity. No barriers, no slippage.

  • Your favourite bullion brands digitised.

  • Worth their weight.


Cryptocurrency is, principally, about being your own bank and taking control of your finances. It is financial freedom. For the most part, this has been achieved. But the industry still has many inefficiencies, which is where Gold Silver Standard proves it’s value. Right now, if you wanted to offload a significant amount of cryptocurrency and park your profits into a safe asset (while remaining decentralised), your only option is either a USD based stable coin – which is subject to inflation and exchange rate risk – or going to liquidity pools for other inferior bullion-backed tokens. Liquidity pools often have low depth and high gas fees, making them an inefficient option.

With Gold Silver Standard Digital Bullion, you can instantly mint NFTs backed with a range of gold or silver weightings, paying minimum fees. With a few clicks on our website, you can swap your crypto profits for high value, fully backed, fully redeemable gold and silver – all the while remaining in the cryptocurrency/blockchain ecosystem.

Gold Silver Standard Digital Bullion Docs

Learn more about Gold Silver Standard Digital Bullion NFTs in our docs.