Stored securely in a world class vault.

A reality of dealing with a token fully backed by real physical bullion is that there are real costs in doing so.

‘The Gold and Silver Standard’ gold and silver bullion is stored securely in a world class vault, verified by a world class assurance firm, and insured by the world’s leading insurer.

There are no other costs or fees incurred and you are in complete control of how much you pay. Compare that to storing your own bullion in a vault and you are likely well ahead owning Gold and Silver Standard.

The smart contract allows that fee to be lowered without notice and it can only be increased by no more than 0.1% with 30 days’ notice. As more and more metal is stored and tokens minted, it is foreseeable the fee will drop as costs get partially shared with greater metal holdings.

Commercial users may contact us about potentially having those fees reimbursed at info@goldsilverstandard.com.